Devin Michael Roberts


I am an artist drawn to and by the spiritual and emotive power of the natural world. I have a constant desire within me to synthesize powerful moments that I experience outdoors and communicate them with the world. The mood and mystery we experience out in nature is such an overwhelming comfort to me that I can’t help but be deeply inspired by it.
“For an artist in his early thirties, Devin Michael Roberts has managed to achieve a remarkable quality and maturity to his landscape paintings. Born in the foothills of the cascade mountain range and currently holding residence in both Washington state and the Ozark mountain area of Missouri. Roberts spends much of his time between the two areas composing scenes that evoke the feelings and memories that most impact him. ‘Although I paint landscapes, I try not to think of them as documenting a specific location, in fact I blend together many different memories and references when putting together an oil or pastel painting.’ It’s through this process that Mr. Roberts builds a painting that puts an emphasis on creating an emotional connection with the viewer rather than presenting them with a rendering of a geographic location.
“ I’m very drawn to low light scenes and the murky, deep emotions they can evoke. Whether it’s the moment right after the sun has dipped below the horizon, or the middle of the night. It’s these moments in my life that I feel a spiritual connection to everything around me.” Although Roberts’ paintings depict the moments in life that are most fleeting he spends large amounts of time outdoors painting directly from nature and studying the ways he can translate the scenes into imagery. In a relatively short amount of time as a professional artist Devin has managed to build a large following of collectors, national press and awards. ”
– American Art Collector November 2018

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