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Coki ReardonThis extraordinary line features unique, handmade jewelry created by local artisan, Coki Reardon. Coki, a lifelong Kansas Citian, moved to Paris in the early nineties and spent much of her time there as an apprentice in metalsmithing and jewelry making. Upon returning to the States, she brought her craft and French-inspired designs back to her hometown, setting up shop in the historic KC Crossroads Art District. Describing her style as bohemian, glamorous, and eclectic, Coki focuses on creating collections that range from everyday wear to one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Incorporating her distinctive flair, she also works directly with clients to create custom designs, including engagement, wedding, and bridal party sets, as well as gifts for any occasion.
Innovative in the field of jewelry making, Coki Bijoux is continually imagining and creating new collections and holds monthly events to introduce these collections to the community. Additionally, with extended hours during the Crossroad’s First Friday events, they host an evening open house and invite customers new and old to experience a bit of French hospitality. Since their inception, Coki Bijoux has received tremendous support from the Kansas City community and has been featured in multiple West 18th Street Fashion Shows. You can find Coki and her exceptional team in the new 18th Street Alley Shops, a quaint shopping area on the west side of the Bauer building at 115 West 18th Street, Kansas City, MO. Coki began her formal study of jewelry making in Paris in 1990 while apprenticing under the independent “bijoutier” Thierry de Bourqueney. Under de Bourqueney she studied the art and tradition of wax modeling and lost wax casting, as well as metal work, to create one-of-a-kind rings. The studio’s location near the Opera and Rue de la Paix, home to Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron, among others, became an obvious influence in the work she would do later.
Coki’s time with de Bourqueney taught her the necessity of measurement and precision in jewelry making, while also using that as the foundation for creativity in design. The process of taking a ring through the stages of wax modeling to casting to finished product became the foundation of her appreciation for this art form. For Coki, forming pieces by hand preserves the tradition of this work by allowing human imperfections that attract the heart and kindle a desire for the object to be worn.
Over the years her work has evolved from the strictly “bijoutier” style to include more organic, earthy elements that reflect her love of forms and objects found in nature. Her collection has expanded to encompass work with stones, wire and metal work, and beading. In all her work, Coki tries to create something that is unique and original to the person wearing it.

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