Amy Meya

Amy Meya, ceramic artist, is a highly recognized American artist whose work can be found in private and public collections in the United States, France, and Holland. In addition to her own work, Amy Meya is a respected teacher at the Kansas City Clay Guild, sharing her experience and passion for the ceramic arts with others. Her article in the May/June, 2013 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated examines her passion for tessellation, pattern and ceramics. Amy Meya makes herself available for commissioned work and public speaking in the ceramic field. She is represented by award-winning and customer service driven galleries and stores nationwide. The most important part of my work is the medium, I am passionate about clay itself – taking a lump of mud and forming it into an object – as it fills a primal urge for me. The intimate and personal nature of ceramic objects stands out against other mediums in my soul. I believe it is a mirror to our past and the human history of clay can be seen in museums throughout the world. Process is the next step and one I thrill in. I roll out a large slab of clay and free hand the desired shape by cutting. The piece can be molded over a bowl form and left to dry until it is leather hard. When the time is right, and the art demands it, hand carving is brought into the plan. This makes each and every piece a one-of-a-kind.
Clay lends itself so perfectly to depictions of nature. My family and I love to camp and hike and there is nothing more peaceful than being in the woods. Even in the urban environment I live and work in, I love staring at the shapes of tree branches, watching flocks of birds swoop across the sky, and collecting interesting seed pods. Growing gourds and sunflowers in my studio courtyard is a deep pleasure that is occasionally reflected in my work. I take many natural forms that I find interesting in the wild and express them through my clay work. I hope that a deep message of appreciation and conservation of nature comes across in my life’s work. If we decimate all the wild areas then we will have no place to retreat when we need some peace.

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