Abbie Rooney


Abbie is a performer and teacher in many disciplines. She has a lifetime of experience in gymnastics and dance. She grew up in Kansas City and began her professional performing career three years ago as a contortionist, acrobat, and aerialist for well-known ensembles: Quixotic Fusion and MoonDrop Circus. Abbie then attended Frequent Flyers Productions to complete the Professional Aerial Dance Track in Boulder, Colorado. The following year she was contracted as a Professional Company Member at Iluminar Aerial, she also spent her time there as an instructor to all things circus. Currently, she works for herself contracting for special events all over the country. In the air, she will fly by on several apparatus: trapeze, lyra, tissue (silks), and corde lisse, (rope). On the ground, she is a hand balancer/contortionist, fire/flow performer, and acrobatic dancer. Abbie moves stages all over the country: at casinos, music festivals, corporate events, opera houses, parades and more. When she is not performing or training, Abbie coaches girls competitive gymnastics at Airborne Gymnastics and teaches a few yoga classes in her community. Abbie is an avid traveler and loves collaborating with other talented artists all over the world.
Abbie brings a variety of skills as a movement artist in contemporary circus. Her professional skills are diverse in aerial, ground acrobatics, fire performance, dance, acting, and singing. Acts available: hand balance on canes, aerial fabric, dance trapeze, static trapeze, duo static trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop), corde’ lisse’ (rope), rhythmic hoop or ribbon, adagio (hand to hand), double fire staffs/fire eating, and contortion/acrobatics. she costumes and choreographs specifically for each event.

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