Olga Dubisskiy


Olga Dubisskiy holds a Degree in visual arts and architecture from the National Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine. Following the 6-year full time studies she worked in restoration of the Ukraine architectural heritage. After visiting Venice, Italy in the 90s and inspired by carnival mask tradition Olga became interested in mask making and developed her own style and concept for a mask as an active interior component. Over 100 of Olga’s interior masks have been acquired for private collections in Europe and Americas.
In British Columbia (Canada) her visual art works and masks were selected for a number of juried exhibitions and appreciated by public. Strong academic background enables Olga to work in oil, acrylic and mixed media. She has also concentrated on sculpture. Her sculpture exhibition in Coquitlam’s Place des Arts (Canada) in 2004 earned coverage by national CBC-TV art news.

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