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Have you been suffering a music malaise lately? Can’t find anything on the radio to give you that audio fix you need? Then allow us to introduce, Michael DeMarse – an eclectic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer whose pure talent will uplift your soul and have you dancing in the street. Currently working with musicsupervisors.com Barry Coffing and published with BMI. Michael has worked alongside Tony Moore of Idol Makers. Tony produced Beyoncé’s original compositions and numerous renowned and up and coming musicians.
Michael DeMarse grew up in a little tourist town – Grand Haven, Michigan. He has played guitar since he was 10 years old. During his time in Michigan Michael started his first band while in Junior High School called The Cellar Doors, a 3-piece band. The Beatles, Allen Parsons, and Todd Rundgren were the major influences that inspired Michael to write, compose and produce all of his own music. He writes most of his work using a 12-string guitar, then adds electric and bass leads; Incorporating technology, Michael includes multi-layer sounds, orchestra, flutes, synthesizers, drums, keyboards, and piano etc. Michael has been invited to publish his music with various companies that place content on television and movies.
To give you a small idea of Michael’s highly-evolved sound, take the authentic musicality of progressive rock then mix in the seasoned silky-smooth orchestration, then throw in a scoop of experimental, limelight-ready persona, and you’ll begin to understand what Michael can bring to any project. Michael has been a musical prodigy from the very beginning. He was inspired at age 10 by watching The Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show” to play music. Afterward, he picked up a tennis racket and started jumping around strumming it. His twin brother Bill picked up some tinker toys and started drumming on the couch. Music is in their blood, because Bill is now a well-known in Michigan for playing with the Carl Web Band. Even back then, Michael seemed to have a knack for knowing what sounded good on drums, he would help his brother pick which drum beats sounded the best. This eventually helped Michael in placing and picking the tracks used in all of his songs. Soon after Michael’s dad bought a guitar for is brother Dave, Michael borrowed it regularly. Dave and Michael were soon playing tunes by the Kinks, then Neil Young etc.
Michael was inspired by Todd Rundgren on a special TV show. The announcer said he played all the instruments, recorded and produced everything…Michael said, “I want to do that some day!”
Michael’s greatest inspirations thus far: The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Allen Parsons, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Journey, Prince, Bob Dillon, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Via, Neil Young, Slash, Stevie Wonder, Cosby Still Nash and Young, Al Stewart, Dave Mason, and many more.
Michael is one of the rare few who does it all—-write, produce, play all the instruments, compose and arrange. Michael has the ability to take the listener on a visual journey. With talent this polished, we feel it’s just a matter of time before Michael’s arrangements pop to the very top! Do yourself a favor and recognize the next movement!

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