Melissa Fitzgerald

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to view my collection of work. I feel daily overwhelmed with gratitude to call this my career. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a natural light lifestyle portrait photographer based in my hometown of Houston, TX. After living in Houston my whole life, I attended Oklahoma State University with a degree in Journalism and minor in Art History. I always thought I’d make a living writing about art rather than creating it, though I longed to be creating it. I first found joy in photography on a summer trip to Paris and I soon could think of little else. I started shooting anything and everything, often times for no money at all, just for the experience and fun. Shortly thereafter, I had coffee with the most inspiring photographer I’d come across, Joseph West, and he became my mentor and best friend. I had no idea then how greatly that meeting would change the course of my life forever. Photography transitioned from a hobby to a livelihood and I found my niche in documenting family life. My best friend became my boyfriend and then my fiancé, and in September of 2015, we journeyed to Marfa to make it official. It was the happiest day of my life, like I always dreamed it would be. Our world was turned upside down upon the arrival of our GSD mix puppy, Juniper. Our once 20 pound baby has grown into an 90 pound baby who enjoys jumping on the back of the couch, annoying our cat Lennon, not coming when called and laying at my feet while cooking.
I’m a romantic at heart, and if I could live inside of a Jane Austen novel, I would. Jesus, my husband, my family and friends are my heart. Their endless love and support are my most precious gifts in life. I have a lot of freckles, all year round. I have way too many succulents in my house and tend to them like they’re babies. My daily ritual always includes some combination of the following: coffee, reading, and chocolate. Fresh flowers, chocolate chip cookies, soft blankets, the color blue, anything French, warm metals, essential oils, scented candles, traveling, a good glass of wine, hard bound books, Persian rugs, lavender, rosemary and plush leather chairs are a few of my favorite things. And I would love to be your photographer.

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