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Lexi has had a passion for photography since her first Polaroid as a kid to her first film camera and final into the digital photography age. LxMP specializes in family photography with an emphasis on maternity and newborn portraits.
Being a professional photographer has always been my dream. I studied film photography in high school in Cypress, Texas just outside of Houston and learned my way around my first Canon camera, composing an image, and the dark room. The ultimate for me was to become a National Geographic photographer, but I ultimately decided to pursue a more stable career in Engineering đŸ™‚ Logical decision…just like an engineer would make. After an exciting career as a Biomedical Engineer, and 2 children later, I decided to pursue my dream and launched Lexi Meadows Photography! I’ve learned that photographing babies and toddlers is a lot like photographing wildlife. Through my 2 little muses have learned to tame all the little people to get you your perfect memories in print.

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