Laura Cantu Smith


I have been drawing and painting since I was a young child and I was blessed with wonderful art teachers and parents who fostered my talent and love for art. Born and raised in Richmond, Texas, I’m proud to be part of a close-knit and friendly community. I love to travel and go camping and hiking with my family: sons Austin and Alex, husband Greg.
I pursued art studies at The University of St. Thomas in Houston and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. I studied abroad at the UST Rome, Italy campus and traveled to Greece and throughout Europe to see first-hand all of the art I studied in school. I have a special love for the Renaissance period and I have strived to learn from the masters. My influences have always been great architecture, sculpture, painting and the decorative arts throughout history.
After college I began a career in graphic design and have worked in advertising and corporate communications helping companies with their marketing messaging and branding. Illustration work was a way to keep my hand in the art world while I working in graphic design. I’m currently painting in my studio primarily in oils on canvas building a portfolio for art licensing and fine art. I enjoy observing nature and painting and illustrating God’s creations and the colorful world around me.

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