Kristen Giles

I am a native Texan, traveling the states with my Navy husband, and our two beautiful little girls. Having a husband in the Navy means that there are times when we are apart for long periods of time, but we have always been able to stay closely connected through the emotion and power of photographs.As I always tried to capture the most stunning and captivating photographs of our girls, my passion for photography started to grow. I was constantly trying new things in my spare time, just trying to learn how to make the photos more beautiful for my husband overseas. It was through this time that I realized the absolute importance of capturing your family’s candid moments, special occasions, family gatherings, and even the simple times that might otherwise be forgotten over time. These moments are so priceless, and your world changes and evolves in the blink of an eye. It means so much to me to be able to freeze a moment in time by creating beautiful and timeless photos that will last a lifetime.
I feel that personally, pursuing my embedded creative instincts is what makes me a unique artist. I have my own style, but I love capturing my subjects in the essence of who they are. I have many different interests in photography ranging from portraiture, to weddings, all the way to food photography, and this really gives me an interesting approach to my work.
I am so excited for what is to come and feel so lucky to have found a career that lets me be the most creative version of myself.

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