Kimberly Burleson


I believe that photography is truly one of the most precious ways to hold on to our memories. Growing up I remember looking through old photo albums and feeling so complete buy learning and knowing little details about my parents and grandparents…. things that they may not have told me and things that they may have forgotten.
When I was younger my family moved from Canada to Texas away from all our family. Looking through old pictures and current ones was one way that I could connect with my relatives who lived so far away.
During my high school years, my all- time passion and goal was to be a professional dancer, telling a story through movement. After getting accepted intp some prestigious dance companies, I suffered an accident resulting in traumatic multiple fractures in my foot, which threatened my ability to pursue dance as a career. Deeply frustrated, I began searching for other artictic means of expressing my passion, and after my son was born, I found that fulfilment in photography.
My husband and I have 3 crazy boys, William, Matthew and David. Our house is always loud and riddled with toy swords and action figures. We love playing make believe games with our kids, playing outside on our street and going on fun day trips all around houston.
I am excited to start working with you and your family! I am deeply honored to capture your family and your memories!

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