Jordi Baizan

Jordi Baizan is a first generation American and native Texan songwriter.
He is multicultural, born in Houston to Spanish and Cuban parents, and married to Carmen who hails from Mexico. Jordi is also a multi-tasker, writing songs and managing his flourishing music career in the same home-office where he runs his small business, which helped he and Carmen raise their two girls and two boys. Now that the kids are away at college and beyond, the empty nest at home has provided Jordi the opportunity to take his music on the road. In May of 2017, he released his first record as a solo artist. This record is appropriately named Like the First Time, and some of the songs on it have enabled Jordi to be recognized by two prestigious Texas songwriting competitions, the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition (Regional Ballad Tree performer) and the Songwriter Serenade Competition (Semifinalist). A new batch of songs won Jordi recognition in the 2018 Songwriter Serenade Competition for the second year in a row (Semifinalist). His second solo record will be released in the spring of 2019 and followed by a tour in Europe, the US, and Canada. With the support of dedicated fans, Jordi is taking to the road to humbly bring to each listener a sense of joy, adventure, gratitude, and respect for our common humanity.

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