Jenna Barrett

Jenna BarrettJenna Barrett is a bit of a wanderer. She grew up a military brat, never staying in one place for long and always ready for something new. It must have stuck with her because even now she finds herself sitting on the edge of her seat, ready for a new adventure and dreaming of the world. Jenna has sailed through tumultuous seas, seen lions in the wild of Africa and climbed to the icy caves atop a glacier. The one thing she’s learned through her travels (other than to double check which immunization she might need!) is that the world is a beautiful place and that beauty is worth capturing. Whether you are a painter, a sculptor, a photographer, or a sidewalk chalk artist, there is always something around us to inspire one to create. She chose portrait photography as her medium of expression. She loves to create images that are unique and convey the beauty and individualism of the subject. Jenna Barrett involves herself in every step of the process: designing costumes, scouting locations, constructing props and even doing makeup and hair.

Her work is currently being displayed at several trendy bistros and wine bars and can be seen in advertisements for local boutiques, artists and designers. She has won several awards including Grand Prize in the Glitter and Flares photo contest, Grand Prize in the Love that Dress Contest, Best Photographer 2013 by Great Day Houston, 2 Rockstar awards for Creativity and Creative Modeling, Most Popular Photographer 2014 and 2015, a Curator’s Choice award for Teen Portraiture, an Editor’s Choice award for Magical Portraits. My work has also been seen in publications such as Precious Magazine Japan, A’la Mode Magazine, Visual Artistry Magazine, Child Couture Magazine, BeauNU Magazine, Art Gypsy, Freque Magazine, Kirameki Magazine, Keel Magazine, Weddings in Houston, Ruby Red Magazine, Like a Lion Magazine, Free Press Houston, Culture Map, on the covers of Bambini Stellari, Texas Child Model Magazine, Child Model Magazine, Cy-Fair Magazine, Elixir XI Magazine, Houston Family Magazine, BeauNU, CKW Luxe and have been featured online with ViewBug, Indigo Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, and Photographie J’Adore as a featured artist. It is also important for her to give back to the community and has worked with and donated her art to organizations for social work, ending hunger, fighting AIDS, and The Women’s Home. She hopes that she can continue to bring beauty and inspiration to people not just here, but all over the world, and that each day brings new challenges and possibilities.

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