Grady Gaines

Grady Gaines first gained recognition among Houston music fans in the early 1950s as leader of the Blues Ramblers. When Little Richard asked Grady and fellow Houston sax player Clifford Burks to join his Upsetters backing band in 1955, Grady’s career was launched into the stratosphere. When Richard left the music business suddenly in 1957, Grady and the Upsetters went on to become the premier backing band for a bevy of 1960s blues and R&B artists, including Sam Cooke, Little Willie John, The Supremes, Bo Diddley and many more.
Grady left the road to return to Houston in the 1970s, and following an inactive period of several years, he returned to the stage as leader of Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters in the ’90s. The band continues to perform today, primarily at private parties, and at Houston’s Big Easy club on Kirby.

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