Ed Hankey

Ed Hankey is a sculptor whose heart and soul guide his work in porcelain and bronze. He infuses the essence of life into his sculpture with an eye for detail and precision. Originally from Ohio, Hankey moved to Texas in the seventies. Attending the University of Houston, he studied life drawing, anatomy and art history. After college, Ed worked as a layout artist for an oil publication and then ventured out on his own to pursue his love of sculpture.In 1984, the sculptor began studying the art of porcelain casting which would lead to his recognition as an admired porcelain artist. Some of his most sought after pieces are a limited edition series of porcelain hunting and fishing scenes that are well received throughout the country. Ed also created a 24kt gold covered rendition of the King Tutankhamun mask which gained national recognition through the National Geographic Exposition that toured the U.S. from 2005 through 2010.
In 1998, Hankey was commissioned by the Korean War Veterans of Texas to create a life size eagle for a monument at the state capital in Austin, Texas, in honor of those Texans that fell in service to their country. This project was the beginning of his transition to the medium of bronze. Since then, he has completed numerous monumental bronze sculptures for schools, colleges and corporations. Ed is particularlly proud of his portrait busts of the top four skeet shooters in the United States, which are on permanent display at the Houston Gun Club. In addition, Hankey has taught portrait sculpting to art groups including the Houston Art League. He also has shared his talent with others through private lessons. Ed Hankey has worked as a full time professional artist for over 30 years and as a mostly self-taught artist, his work and talent exceeds with remarkable clarity and realism.

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