Byron W. Lacy

Byron W. Lacy Byron W. Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan and a fourth generation abductee. Byron’s Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas. Strange occurrences over the course of his lifetime led him to believe they were caused by guardian angels and spirit guides. In 2009 everything changed. A Stargate, like in the movie of the same name, but without a metal frame and only 6 foot across, opened up in front of him two different times a week apart at the same busy intersection. A friend said he thought Byron was an abductee. After some hesitation he researched Alien Abductions. What he found changed his life, and his view of reality, forever. Byron holds a B.S in English, M.A. and M.F.A. in Art. He has exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States.
Byron has worked as a Summer Camp Director, Cook, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, English and Art teacher, Freelance Artist, Eligibility Specialist for Texas Department of Human Services, and Investigator for Texas Child Protective Services, and musician. Byron has written a book entitled Chosen, Chronicles of an Alien Abductee. This book covers his experiances with aliens and the events they have caused from 1955 to present. The songs on his new album, WE ARE NOT ALONE, are experiments in sound and tone, and are a hybridization between Trap Music and Alien music. Byron heard alien music and chanting during one of his visitations in 2011. Byron’s music doesn’t fit into one category. It is a hybrid of EDM, Trap, Dubstep, and classical music all rolled into one. People listen to it and say “Yea that’s EDM (or Trap or Dub Step), but it’s different”. Byron thinks that electronic music is the classical music of the future. In the 80’s Byron was introduced to electronic music. His favorite musicians were The Cars, Gary Newman, and Brian Eno. He discovered Trap music in 2015, and his favorites are Martin Garrix, Milo and Otis, and A-Track. The biggest influence on Byron’sByron W. Lacy music is music from extraterrestrial beings. In 2009 Byron discovered that he was an alien abductee and it turned his world upside down for a time, because he discovered there was “something under the bed and in the closet”; it turned out to be ET’s rather than monsters. Art had been his main creative outlet and he had achieved a great deal of success with galleries and museum shows. He loved art because he could be creative and free spirited. In 2009 art lost its luster for him and he even complained a few times that making art made him feel drained and ill, rather than energized as it had made him feel for years. He felt there was need for a change and threw his efforts into writing, and wrote three books. It was also at this time that he started learning the bass guitar with instructions from a musician (now deceased) named Jimmy Daniels. Jimmy introduced him to some local musicians and bands, and he would sing or three songs with them during their performances.
He was singing Country Music with these bands, and he said “after I got where I could make a mistake, and just keep going as if nothing had happened, and it not affecting me I felt like I had accomplished what I needed to.” Meditation has always been important to Byron and in 1997 he had the first experience of hearing music that seemed other worldly. It was in 2011 when he heard “very strange and beautiful music which was not on the CD I was listening to.” Then in 2015 Byron heard “Out the Speakers by Milo and Otis with A-Track, and a year later he bought a synthesizer and started to experiment. He did not know how to play a keyboard, or read music, but he could play intuitively where it sounded like he knew how to play a keyboard. Byron is poised to release two new albums, and works on recording new songs almost every day. To him making music is like making art or building a house. He treats sounds as objects and constructs his songs. He goes into the studio with no preconceived notion about what he will do.
He picks his drums and records them, and then starts to play intuitively. It’s a lot like the action artists of the 50’s, however instead of slinging paint he is slinging music. Music that does something to the listener is his goal. One of his listeners’ said this on Amazon about his second album Learning to Live With Rockets; “This album is fantastic! When I’m feeling stressed, tired, happy, or energetic, it’s perfect. That being said, the songs are exactly what you need at any given time! You can tell the artist puts his heart and soul into creating these tracks. Only someone that feels deeply and is connected to the universe could make music that lifts you to a higher place. I look forward to anything else Byron creates!”

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