Anthony Pitt


I was born in Miami, FL in 1982 to an American father and a Colombian mother. Not only was I fortunate enough to grow up speaking both English and Spanish fluently but I was also exposed to a variety of music and dancing. I moved to Houston, TX in the early 90’s and soon thereafter began playing guitar. Up until that point my main passion in life was playing soccer but playing guitar and bass soon became equally as addicting. I have played in bands since I was in 8th grade. I even jumped off my bass amp during my very first performance at my middle school talent show. From then on I was always floating around between different bands because I could play both guitar and bass. My primary instrument that I play on stage is bass but I spent my formative musical years playing guitar.In college, I joined a band named Overshot and had my first taste of playing big gigs. For three years we opened up for many bands including Blue October, Bowling for Soup, Sammy Hagar, and Jerry Cantrel in Houston, TX. I was totally caught up with all the success we were having and did not realize, as I do now, how much work it takes to keep a band moving forward. Unfortunately, the band broke up soon after we all moved to Austin: “The Music Capital of the World.” I went on to get a job using my degree from Recording Engineering School doing A/V work for the Four Seasons and the Driskill hotels for two years. I soon discovered that did not suit me well and joined a local band named Full Service which taught me the businesses of music.
I played bass with them for six years. We toured the country performing so many times I have lost count. Throughout those 6 years we had the opportunity to open for countless National Acts including: Pepper, Paul Wall, The Expendables, SOJA, G. Love, Mix Master Mike, Sublime with Rome, Pato Banton, Rebirth Brass Band, Deftones, State Radio and tour support on multiple shows with 311 and Badfish. I know first hand what it is like to be on the road and make a living performing. It is hard work to be a successful touring band, it takes the commitment and dedication to practice everyday, write, book shows/tours, maintain equipment and transportation, inventory/make/sell merchandise, budget, travel 6 months a year, and not to mention play and perform night in and night out while doing everything else. I am now a father so my musical journey has brought me back home to be close to my family. I am lucky enough to do what I love for fun and for a living through gigging and teaching. I love my family, Texas, soccer, and especially playing music.

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