Adrienne Crista


As a child, Adrienne Crista expressed creativity in many ways: sketching and painting the world around her, channeling her thoughts into poetry, making music on piano, performing at talent shows, and replicating The Cheetah Girls and Spice Girls’ choreography around the house with her siblings. By age seven, she began learning piano and wrote her first song, which she made for her local church. When her mother saw she was growing an immense love for music, she gifted Adrienne a guitar on her 15th birthday. Adrienne continued growing in her passion by training and exploring music throughout college through flute and voice. There she was an integral part of various choral, instrumental, sacred, rock, and jazz ensembles. Today, she continues to have a passion that overflows in her performances and pours into the lives of others across the country.
Adrienne Crista’s contemporary sound is influenced by a thought-provoking blend of pop, indie-folk, and alt-rock. While she finds inspiration in her spirituality, experiences, and lives of others, her deeply poetic and honest lyrics connects with diverse audiences. Adrienne Crista has worked with songwriters such as Jennie Lee Riddle (writer of Revelation Song), Crystal Yates, Dustin Smith, and the People & Songs community at The Emerging Sound. There, she was a member of the album, “The Emerging Sound Vol. II”. She is also the solo flutist on the choral album “So The Night Fall”. Adrienne is well versed with live performance seminars through world renowned Live Music Producer Tom Jackson, who has worked with hundreds of artists such as Taylor Swift and The Band Perry. She currently serves her local community as a music educator and director by day, and she performs by night across the lively city she calls home, Houston, TX.

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