Chayla Williams

With expressive vocals, an enthralling image and sparkling charisma, Chayla Williams projects a powerful artistic aura. Her captivating songs, choreography and performance create a compelling alchemy that inspires audiences to rise up and dance. “I can sing sitting still, but I’ll be dancing in my head,” she laughs. “Music is so much more fun for me when I’m expressing it in multiple ways.” Her sparkling single “In Another Life,” heard at Houston Rockets home games and receiving airplay on Houston’s prominent radio station, 104.1 KRBE, has surpassed 50K views on Vevo and attained similar popularity on YouTube. As the lyrics express, “I wish it was the right time.” For Chayla that moment has arrived. Growing up in Houston, Chayla was mesmerized by both music and movement. At age 14, recording in a girl group under the tutelage of former Rap-A-Lot producer Lakewood, she was schooled in the craft of vocal performance while dance classes educated her about motion and discipline. Shortly before her high school graduation, Chayla was enlisted as a dancer for the WNBA Houston Comets and performed at the team’s games as well as at showcases and music videos. When she was selected as a Houston Rockets Power Dancer her career ignited: Entertaining audiences of 20,000 cheering NBA fans at the team’s games, she utilized her skills as a choreographer, and was a special guest at a series of high-profile personal appearances.
With the release of her single, “Let Me See It” Chayla segued into the next phase of recording and choreography with a five week run on the television outlet HOT TV, plus an opening slot for Lil Flip performing her single “That’s My Baby” at a HOT TV concert. Additional singles – from ballads to dance anthems – introduced her to listeners across a variety of media platforms including The Chris Black Show. Chayla was a featured performer for the SWAGG Tour Houston stop (which also featured G-Unit’s 40 Glocc). Next came a compelling dance triumph, “Beat Monster” that was featured in a Kontrol Magazine’s photo shoot video with Keesha Sharp, the actress best-known for starring television roles on Girlfriends and Are We There Yet? All of these credits have laid the groundwork for what is yet to come as Chayla advances from Texas to a global spectrum. She is well prepared artistically and equally primed on the business side: Her father is a music industry veteran and among her advisors she counts major label execs. As a childhood friend of Solange Knowles, Chayla says that seeing her sister Beyonce transform into a superstar makes it all seem more attainable, as did dancing with the Houston Rockets for packed audiences of ardent fans. “It’s not out of this world if you believe you can do it,” she says. An uncompromising work ethic, a self-confessed streak of perfectionism, and a powerful musical vision all connect Chayla’s artistry to the next stage of her unfolding career. “I’ve been learning patience which seems to be critical in the music industry at any level. The idea of entertaining for the rest of my life keeps me going strong and wanting to learn more.”

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