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Suszanne JamesonSuszanne Jameson and partner, Martha, who happens to be my mother. Together and individually, we have always enjoyed making and creating (or attempting in my case) various handcrafted items. Growing up I can’t remember my mom “not” crocheting, doing needle point, cross stitching, resin work, or some other kind of crafty project. I tried my hand at all of the same projects, the problem was that I couldn’t do or be taught any of them. I was hopelessly craft challenged until one day while out looking for those wiggly eyes for a frog Mom was making, we happened upon a ceramics shop in Modesto, California, where we lived. I remember Mom and I looking at each other as we glanced through the storefront window and saying, “Well, that would be a big joke if that was something I could do.” It looked hard and it looked complicated. We signed up for classes and low and behold, it wasn’t hard and it wasn’t complicated.
It was not only something I could do, it was something I was really good at and fell in love with doing. Imagine finding what would become my passion, my job, and my hobby at the age of eighteen. Fast forwarding through my wedding, starting a family, andSuszanne Jameson working full time at Doctor’s Hospital as a data processor, my ceramic work took a backseat to being a mother, wife and employee…but, it never totally went away. In a back room I still stole away when I could to dabble. It wasn’t until the “big layoffs” that a friend and co-worker presented a plan and coaxed me back to my passion. Together she and I opened Marie’s Fantasies, our ceramics shop, in the very same building Suszanne’s Ceramics is today. Because life happens, my friend was unable to continue as my partner. So, that is when Martha, my mother, joined me and Suszanne’s Ceramics was born. The whole idea stemming from those silly wiggly frog eyes.
Since that time Suszanne’s Ceramics has grown into a successful and fulfilling business. It is a joy to go to work each day and meet new people and help them get their crafty groove on. But, that doesn’t prohibit me from trying new and challenging techniques and projects myself and then sharing those through classes either here at the shop or at the Ceres Community Center. My newest curiosities are raku and horsehair firing and glass fusing that I experiment with in my home studio. (That little back room is history.) I have also been trying my hand at throwing pottery on a potter’s wheel…challenging to say the least. Martha and I do close the shop each year a few days before Christmas and Suszanne Jamesonreopen February first after rejuvenating and having some fun in the sun in Mexico. The rest of the year our doors are open, most often with both Martha and I there, so come on in and feel free to look around. If by chance I miss your visit, I’m probably on a short weekend trip with my husband, Loren, and our local trike club or in the back with my grand daughters, Emily and Madison, who have come for a visit from Wyoming, just playing. And that is what it is all about…having fun.

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