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Shirley Winters BalletA little history first about how we got here. When Shirley Winters decided in 2006 to open her own studio, she contacted Kendra Primavera who had also made the same decision a bit earlier by openingDolce Dance at Willow and Ashlan Aves. in Fresno. The goal for them was to teach and manage their own businesses but to also benefit the other through increased offerings of class options for their respective students. In 2007 Kim Ridenour brought her management experience into the mix and because of her lead we ended up in a much larger space and more closely located to our students. This is our location today in the Cedar Tree Village at the SE corner of Cedar and Herndon Aves. We continue to operate today as two different businesses sharing almost 10,000 sq. ft. of studio space to benefitShirley Winters Ballet students with a variety of options; Shirley Winters Ballet with contemporary and classical ballet and modern dance and Dolce Dance with jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and contemporary.
With an approach influenced by the Royal Ballet and European styles, I have developed a method to ballet instruction that allows many body types to be successful in dance. In 1983, after being a student and performer in ballet for 15 years, Shirley Winters began her teaching career starting at Severance School of Dance and later teaching a various local dance studios. In 2005 Shirley opened her own business and in May of 2007, Shirley Winters Ballet moved into a new space at Cedar and Herndon Avenues in Fresno. The Shirley Winters Ballet dancers have been an annual participant at Youth America Grand Prix, an Shirley Winters Balletinternational youth ballet and contemporary dance competition in both San Francisco and Los Angeles since 2002. Terra Williams is a graduate in Modern Dance from Oklahoma University School of Dance. Gifted as a choreographer, she was the two time winner of the Miguel Terekhov Ballet Choreography Award while at OU. Prior to her departure to university, Terra performed locally in Nutcracker doing Spanish Variation and Mouse Queen. In 2003, she placed 3rd at YAGP Los Angeles in ensemble titled Trio.

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