Rose Merrill

Rose MerrillRose grew up on a farm in the Salinas Valley driving tractor in her dad’s fields and caring for her family’s farm animals. The very first time she heard Nancy Sinatra sing “These Boots are Made for Walking,” she fell in love with music . . . and boots. Of course, her audience was her three older brothers, who loved to tease her about anything. She liked to make them laugh. It just made her feel good. At eighteen she wanted to go to L.A., but her family had other plans for her, and eventually talked her out of the city lights.
So she settled down, married, had one child, and planted a vineyard. She learned to play guitar from her husband and started singing along as they played gigs Monterey County, California. By the time her son was grownRose Merrill and left home, she was approaching the age of 45 — the age her father had died of a sudden heart attack. In her mind she started thinking, “What if I die at 45? Have I done everything I wanted so far?” The song “Middle of Life” was written and soon after a friend invited her to go to L.A. to spend some time there.
Her son had moved down there, and he said, “Come on down. Work on your music here.” She told her husband she really wanted to go to L.A. to work on her music. After 23 years of marraige she threw her guitar in her car with a few clothes and journals and headed to the place she’d been longing to go to since she was 18. She loved the energy of the city and just wanted to get in the public eye and play her own songs, no matter how fast her heart was beating.
She threw herself into open mics at least 2 nights a week in Hollywood. After a few months she landed a gig, her first, at the Irish Pub Molly Rose MerrillMollones. People kept telling her to get into Genghis Cohen, and soon she was asked to play there. Then the darker side of the music business began to put obstacles in her path. Even though she wasn’t happy about it, because she was just getting started, she thought, “Well, I’ll get back to my roots for awhile and go back to the city when I’m back on my feet.”
Once home, song after song poured out of her. Meeting the man of her dreams at a wedding reception, her plans to go back to L.A. changed. They married, settled in Carmel Valley, and Rose recorded her first CD “Driving Home,” in Monterey.

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