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Robin GraysonRobin Grayson was born and raised in Fresno, California. Being greatly influenced by the late Tupac Shakur, he began writing down his personal thoughts as an outlet, at the age of fifteen. At eighteen while attending San Jose State, Robin transformed his personal thoughts into a form of poetry. In 2007 he began to perform his work live at various open mics and events throughout Fresno. In 2010 Robin published a book of poems, titled “Collective Thoughts,” as well as, released an album, “The Robin Grayson Project: Now or Never,” in 2011; The album is available on iTunes and Amazon. Robin is a proud father. His children are his motivation; They are everything to him. To be able to love, nurture, and provide for them, as a man, is the greatest feeling in the world for Robin. They truly motivate him to do what he does!
Growing up as a kid Robin was exposed to many situations that a child shouldn’t have to bare witness too; unfortunate situations that have changed his life forever- he started writing because he desperately needed an outlet. Writing down his personal and intimate thoughts was therapeutic for him. Expressing his feelings by utilizing something as simple as a piece of paper and pencil, readily helped him find the strength to get through all of the madness. Today, he writes because he feels the need to express himself and his experiences; with hopes that someone out there can relate to him. Through his poetry, his heart seeks to give hope to others and inspire them to want to help make this world a better place.Robin Grayson
He always told himself, as a poet, that if he can touch one individual, by means of a harsh reality check or sparking ideas never thought about, then his mission was accomplished. Robin believes his poetry is fortunately raw and real. He speaks on issues that are, according to society, better left in the dark. As a poet he honestly believes that it is his responsibility to shine light on such issues in order for a change to come.
He has written poems that you will agree with and some you may not. By all means, it is not his intention to offend you- he just says what’s on his heart. He gives thanks to the Lord and Savior for blessing him with the gift of poetry. The Lord is the only one who has made this road possible for him. He has opened this door of opportunity to touch individual’s lives; and for that, Robin will forever be grateful. He will keep his faith in Him, as he feels taht without Him he is nothing! He is doing what makes him happy! Poetry is Robin’s life and his passion.

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