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Rob Holt

A multi-talented artist, Rob Holt is a sculptor, dancer, and designer. He was born in Yakima, Washington and grew up following the path of his Army family through France, Germany, and throughout the United States. His worldwide travels throughout South America, Polynesia, Asia and Europe have contributed to his continuous artistic evolution and the diverse artistic talent he exhibits. Rob’s creative style has evolved into a passion for bringing life to his art – realized through experimentation in blending multiple media, his interests in primitive art and his fantastic imagination.
Rob began sculpting interpretive scenes of Cannery Row and the Monterey wharf area out of various kinds of metal in the late 1960’s. His experimentation with bronze and natural media led to his creation of his signature Monterey Cypress trees and into the varied manifestations of his creativity. Experiences such as performing for Alvin Ailey in Argentina, visiting ancient ruins in places like Easter Island and in-depth studies done on Native American myth, African tribal art, the Inuit tribes and other aboriginal cultures have contributed to his unique blending of experiences and expression into graceful fantasy sculpture that feel as if they are moving out of complete stillness.
His technique of working with direct-welded bronze comes from a nearly four-decade long conversation with spirit and pure imagination. Over the years, Rob has been a leading creative force for this particular type of artwork. He creates each bronze sculpture one at a time by using his own multi-layered technique, beginning with direct-welding bronze with a torch. The pieces that Rob creates are technical and visual marvels because he thinks in terms of the potential of the metal, fibers and other natural media used.
Rob’s one-of-a-kind sculptures are featured in select galleries in Arizona,Rob Holt Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey and Pebble Beach, California. He also has a large worldwide clientele for privately commissioned works. Rob Holt creates his sculpture by direct-welding bronze with a torch.
The method of direct-welding bronze employs a torch with oxygen acetylene, a colorless gas, and a liquid fluxing agent.
When this combination is used in welding and metal cutting it acts as an illuminant and is important in organic synthesis.
The acetylene becomes hot when combined with oxygen and molding the bronze requires a delicate balance of the acetylene gas, oxygen and the fluxing agent. Rob exhibits a remarkable talent working in this medium literally ‘drawing’ each sculpture in air.


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