Mary Camin

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Mary CaminIn 1979 I began working in clay full time and quickly discovered it became a way to, explore, learn, cope and provide a satisfying life. Exploring the natural world and it’s processes has always intrigued me and finding my way into the world of clay as a medium has provided the rich experiences of exploring both. Investigating a variety of clay techniques inspired by my garden surroundings keeps me engaged and enjoying my daily life and the time spent working in my home studio. I hope you can see and enjoy through my work, some of what I experience as I continue exploring new directions. I love to study plants up close and find endless inspiration in their amazing details.
They can be so complex but my approach is to use simplified forms and convey the essence of energetic growth and beauty in contrast with sometimes the guarded attitudeMary Camin to protect itself. I like working with sculptural forms in a way they can become functional if you choose, as well as the challenge of functional pieces to enjoy using daily. I work with a mid fired porcelain clay. I find this very smooth, dense clay satisfying to form the small fragile details that when fired are deceptively strong. I construct each piece using wheel thrown forms and hand built techniques independently and combined. It is creating the textures and final details that bring personality to each piece that I enjoy most in the process.

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