Margaret Hudson

Margaret HudsonThe Art of Margaret Hudson celebrates the living creatures of our planet. Inspired by her life-long love of nature her sculptures speak with the joyous simplicity of nature. Sculpted from local clay they remind us that all creatures, large and small, are formed of the same earth. At Earth Arts Studios, Margaret’s original designs are hand sculpted by skilled artisans using her original materials and techniques.
In the 1970’s Margaret became one of the the first women in Fresno to begin a business based on arts & crafts production. Her need to support a young family, her concern for protecting the environment, and her desire to support arts education guided her vision for the business and translated into school tours to the growing sculpture Margaret Hudsongarden in her backyard. These magical experiences affected thousands of schoolchildren over the years, raising generations of young people conscious of the beauty of the natural world and the need to preserve it.
Explore Margaret Hudson’s legacy as a painter and sculptor, and browse a selection of her works online. Learn about her passion for arts education and the field trips thousands of local school children took to her studio and home. Share about how you have used Margaret Hudson’s art to express your own creativity in the home or garden. Or, continue browsing our selection of sculptures.

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