LydiaThe ancient art of bellydance, re-imagined for the modern world! Originally a 7,000 year old fertility dance, modern bellydance is now an expression of the feminine experience: a sensory response to music, encompassing movement, rhythm, & emotion. Lydia has been bellydancing since 1998. Specializing in Tribal Fusion style belly dance since 2000, she also has training in Egyptian, Lebanese, and Turkish style bellydance, ballet, modern dance, music, and the visual arts. Lydia is the director of Tanjora Tribal Bellydance, Banat Tanjora Ghawazee Bellydance, and the Arabian Nights Bellydance Entertainment Agency, and was the bellydance instructor at California Arts Academy inLydia Fresno from 2004 – 2014. She has performed at several local restaurants, including The Mediterranean, Ya Hala, The Phoenician, and Noah’s Bar and Grill, and is also a member of Eastern Sun Dance Company and Circus et Cetera.

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