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Linda McCoyLinda McCoy has been an artist her entire life. She often says about her passion for art “I was born, raised and will always live in Artland, USA”. The name is familiar to all but the most recent artist arrivals in the Fresno/Clovis area as a popular teacher and accomplished painter. Known for her jewel-like still lifes and serene landscapes, Linda has successfully maintained a studio in Clovis since 1978, teaching hundreds of students and ardent followers.
Unlike those who discover a talent for art late in life, Linda was only six years old when she knew she had a unique gift. A drawing assignment attracted the admiration of her classmates, thus sowing the seeds of her future career. High school in Redondo Beach and art courses at El Camino College in Southern California were followed by study with teaching legends Sergei Bongart and Violet Parkhurst.
Linda moved to Fresno in 1978 where she continued study at Fresno City College and Fresno State University. In 1980 she opened the McCoy’s Studio’s on 5th Street inLinda McCoy Clovis, offering painting classes and art supplies. Her personal growth continued under well-known teachers, Heinz Kuzell, James Soares, Elsa Mason Gregory, Joyce Pike and Jane Burnham. For many years, local art competition winners’ circles saw Linda’s name consistently in the Best of Show or Peoples’ Choice categories.
Today Linda concentrates on running her busy studio in The Barnyard Shopping Center on Clovis avenue, helping aspiring artists discover the joy of oil and acrylic painting.She enjoys painting subjects with weathered surfaces and unusual textures. Her goals include being able to travel more, paint extensively and share the benefits of her experiences.

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