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Kristen ManickWhen Kristen Manick was in high school they asked us before graduation to fill out a survey, ‘where do you see yourself in 20 years?’ Kristen’s classmates filled the page with descriptions of mansions they’d own, and millions they’d make. But the only thing she knew to be true was that whatever she ended up doing with her life she simply wanted to be happy. She went through the standard growing pains after college of trying to find her career path, but it wasn’t until she tried her hand at photography that she realized she had found her calling. Four cities, two children, and one decade later Kristen couldn’t be happier using the beautiful city of Monterey as her personal canvas. Photography allows her to help people tell their own stories. Behind the camera she has the ability to make ordinary moments extraordinary. A photograph etches in time the emotions of a moment. One can forever remember the first time a husband sees his bride walking down the aisle, that first smile from your new born baby, or laughter shared between siblings. It’s in remembering these authentic moments that we canKristen Manick reexperience love. Being a mom Kristen knows as well as anyone how fast time moves. In the blink of an eye years have passed and your little ones aren’t so little anymore. With all of life’s responsibilities it can be difficult to remember to live in the moment. Her goal as a professional photographer is to be a part of slowing things down, and capturing those moments that make you and your loved ones beautiful. Let’s make the magic happen… the real magic!

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