Jaguar Bennett

Jaguar BennettJaguar Bennett is a frustrated and unsuccessful marketing hack who has for years tormented himself with the delusion that he has “great creative promise” as a playwright, comedian, and actor. Since he is now 47, this delusion has become increasingly unrealistic and embarrassing. In the course of pursuing his “artistic career,” Bennett as become well-known to Fresno audiences as a reliable stage villain, playing the title role in Richard III (Woodward Shakespeare Festival, 2009), Shylock in The Merchant of Venice (WSF, 2010), totalitarian secret policeman Tupolski in The Pillowman (The New Ensemble, 2011) and Claudius in Hamlet (TNE, 2012), and numerous other roles. Bennett has also written several short plays, including Crime Doesn’t Pay Enough (Rogue Festival, 2002) and Bullet Point: A Tragedy in the Form of a PowerPoint Presentation (Rogue Festival, 2007), and the full-length solo comedy show The Agony of Living (Rogue Festival, 2014). Bennett’s greatest artistic achievement has been being physically removed from the stage by an angry mob at a Weedwacker Theatre performance in 1999. Bennett hates himself, God, the entire human race, and you. He is, however, fond of cats.

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