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Ileana QuezadaIleana Quezada is a sculptor currently living and working in Fresno, CA. She was born 1990 in Fresno, California. She received her B.F.A. in sculpture and ceramics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Her work concentrates on the domestic and public spheres and the effects it has in our society. Through the artwork she analyzes cultural practices and how they impact the development of Mexican American identity.
Ileana looks to exhaust the defining limitations of rites of passage that occur in and out of intimate living spaces. Her work promotes awareness on how displacement has affected past and present generations of women and men, not only Mexican Americans but everyone that is an outsider to their native country. The sculptures re-evaluate objects found in and out of the home. These objects influence her choice inIleana Quezada materials directly and symbolically.
Her work investigates the family dynamics and how a community is continuously influenced by its evolving living spaces. These connections build our self-esteem and confidence as individuals; therefore effecting how we present ourselves in society and what we feel is our privilege. Analyzing, connecting, and learning one’s heritage is important, but Ileana doesn’t believe guilt should be a component of that process.

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