Elizabeth Marroquin

I’m Elizabeth! A native of the Central Valley, I grew up in a small town in a large family. Ever since I can remember, I always enjoyed interacting with people and could talk to anyone. I love making new friends, bringing people together, and sharing life experiences. And, of course, laughing… I love to laugh and have a good time! Since 2006, I have had the wonderful pleasure of being a hairstylist and makeup artist. Over the years, my love for people grew alongside my passion for hair and makeup, and eventually everything fell into place. In 2012, I married the love of my life, A.J. Shortly after, my life became complete when A.J. and I welcomed a precious boy and girl to our family.
With the love and support from my husband, family, friends, and fur babies (two little dogs), I transformed my vision and opened Hair and Makeup by Elizabeth in 2017. Being a full-time business owner, wife and mother, I understand the struggles of balancing life and all of the responsibilities that come along with it. That is why, I focus on the “client experience” and offer busy working professionals, parents and those getting married, something rarely found in the Central Valley – a tranquil experience from start to finish, like if you were sipping Rosé under a cabana on a warm beach (one of my absolute favorite things to do by the way…).
During my free time, you will find me traveling and enjoying outdoor activities with A.J. and the kiddos, hanging with my girls at a day spa, or cuddling my doggies on the couch while indulging in my guilty pleasure: reality TV (I mean, who doesn’t like reality shows?!?). A=lso, I love the color turquoise! It is everywhere! My son’s shirt… the dining room chairs… my favorite bathing suit… the dogs’ collars… to the beautiful vintage rug I found in a quaint shop in the city. Ultimately, I want help make your life stress-free and easy… From the moment you walk into my studio and shut the door behind you, the loud chaotic world comes to halt. Being a stand-alone studio, there is one chair and all the focus is on you and what you need. A soft ambiance with ample natural light, lavender scent, warm and inviting personality, without interruption and noise.

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