Daniel Robinson

Daniel RobinsonScottish born and raised, but now living in California, Daniel Robinson is a Singer-Songwriter-Producer and multi-instrumentalist whose life experience and culture exudes confidence in his debut Album. This is not a novice, but a man who has worked hard at developing his craft. He truly offers something engaging and worthwhile in the Singer-Songwriter genre that can sometimes feel like more of the same. Listen, and listen some more, and you will hear the honesty through Daniel’s smooth voice that lends itself to lyrics and compositions that don’t just tell stories, but speaks to something deeper inside of all of us.
From the start you can tell that Little Birds is a personal album for Daniel, as he allows us into his past, present, and future. From “Nowhere To Hide”, a feel good folk tune that makes you literally feel good just listening to it, to “Time” a slow melancholy stripped down electric guitar driven ballad, reminiscent of the late Jeff Buckley, that envelopes us with it’s emotion as much as it’s “timely” cerebral message.
“Those Were The Days” and “Little Boy” paint pictures for us of love seen throughDaniel Robinson contrasting storylines, one of romantic love, and another of paternal imperfection. Something that becomes apparent to the listener, and something that seems intentional by the artist, is that there is a good amount of resolution on this album. One feels hopeful, even on “Lesson Learned”, a groovy soulful track that showcases a little bit of anger, but still strays from the sad and terminal. Little Birds is an album with wings, and just as the title track states “It was time to take flight, a time to break out… “ this seems to be the perfect time for Daniel Robinson to do just that!

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