Cherie Stock

Cherie StockArt was her first love. She clearly recalls her first artistic experience at four years of age. The arsenal of lipsticks on her mother’s vanity looked like bright red and pink paint tubes and the bedroom wall was a perfect canvas. Her mother was less than impressed with the final result so, with no further artistic encouragement, Cherie eventually pursued a career in nursing. Her interest in painting continued however and during the mid-seventies, while living in Pacific Grove and working as a registered nurse, her paintings were exhibited in a Cannery Row gallery. In addition, she hosted and produced a weekend radio interview program at KLRB Carmel that led to a fulltime on- air position at KMBY Monterey. 
This jump-started an illustrious radio career in San Diego and Los Angeles where for over 15 years she was an on-air music personality and host of a movie and music celebrity interview program. In 1987, missing the beauty and artistic communities of the Central Coast, she returned to Pacific Grove and was hired as public relations director at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas. In 2008 she retired to pursue her passion for painting full- time from her home in Oak Hills which she shares with her husband Bob andCherie Stock four adopted felines (“studio muses”). But immediately following retirement, she endured years of multiple surgeries and a battle with cancer.
“It was the healing power of art that helped me through those tough times,” says Cherie, “That period of time made me more determined to follow my passion and just have fun.” The time spent in her garage studio experimenting with a variety of mediums combined with her use of vibrant color and an array of subject matter led to local recognition, awards and gallery representations. “I’ve taken some art classes, most recently with Dick Crispo, and have benefited from online tutorials. I love the challenge of alcohol inks and have a large number of alcohol ink paintings. These intense liquid pigments are applied on a nonabsorbent medium like Yupo paper.
The inks are manipulated with pieces of sponge and felt and by tilting the Cherie Stockpaper to mix and control the flow of ink. “It’s a very organic process. Alcohol ink is a tricky medium that is both frustrating and fantastic. My art is about experiment and discovery. I work from the inside out.The work directs me. My process of creating is spontaneous; often beginning a new work without knowing what will emerge. I love to see how the painting will take on a life of its own and what might emerge by pure accident. Though I work quite deliberately and consciously, my unconscious is the undisputed project director. Each piece involves an endless series of events and associations.
I feel as though I am in touch with something larger than myself and I’m just letting it flow through me. My exhibits of Mexican Devotional Art with representation of the Virgin Guadalupe are a good example of this process. I am drawn to the colors and iconography of Mexican folk art. As a redheaded Protestant from the Midwest, I drew from my inner process and not from cultural or personal experience. Some may think my devotional art a cultural misstep, however, creative expression does not, I believe, recognize these limitations. Art transcends. I’ve experimented with a variety of mediums including, oils, collage, assemblage, acrylics and inks,Cherie Stock applying multiple layers of paint mixed with transparent glazes paying close attention to color and value options.
I have become increasingly fascinated with the intuitive qualities of abstract expressionism. I love combining paint, found images, photographs, altered objects and other collaged elements. When I begin the actual canvas, I try to lose all preconceptions of how the finished work should look, so that the painting/collage/assembled piece can finally become itself. My artwork can be found in private collections throughout the Central Coast of California.

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