Casey & Darlene Chumley

Casey & Darlene ChumleyWe are Casey & Darlene Chumley, aka Case Photography! We are a young married couple who share a passion for photography and love creating art for the world to enjoy! We met and got to know each other in a college Chemistry class as lab partners when we realized that there was much more “chemistry” happening in our lives. As we spent more and more time together regularly studying, we began dating and thats how it all began! I, Casey, have always had such a passion for photography and creating beautiful images. Photography has always been one of my creative outlets growing up and I absolutely love capturing unique moments to share with others! As I got to know Darlene, I learned that she had a passion for photography as well which was definitely a positive sign! Darlene attended her first wedding as my second photographer 4 years ago and since then has continued to learn and refine her craft just as I have.
Darlene and I got engaged a few years ago and finally took the step of marriage in 2017! We are newly weds, business partners, and husband and wife! Together we create aCasey & Darlene Chumley unique experience for each and every Bride and Groom we have the pleasure of working with. The best part of being wedding photographers is getting to witness two people that are in love with one another begin their journey as a married couple just as we have. There is nothing better than getting to work closely with my wife while getting to know you and capture your love story in a unique way. We always strive to provide you with a premium service, the Case Photography experience!

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