Annette Ash

Annette AshGrowing up, my older sister and I sang songs and harmonies together. She played a twelve string Gibson and I played a six string Yamaha. We started out singing In coffee houses around Old Town Chicago and convalescent homes. Most of the time though, we learned open tunings and played with local musicians. I listed to a lot of Motown and underground music which included Muddy Water, Mississippi John Hurt, Beck, Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y, Zepplin, Pink Floyd and so many more from the day. On the family hi-fi we listened to Mom LP’s that included jazz and music of the big band era.
At seventeen I moved to California with a few hundred bucks in my pocket, my suitcase and guitar. I ended up living on a houseboat in Sausalito next to Shel Silverstein – famous writer of children’s books and quirky hit songs. The first song I penned was about living on my houseboat on Gate 5 with crazy drug lords, artists and musicians. Marin County was brimming with music and all the big names. You never knew who was going to show up around the bonfire. Jefferson Airplane was recording just down the road. I was partying on DavidAnnette Ash Crosby boat with friends who were renovating David’s beautiful sixty-foot sail boat, the Mayan.
One of my most influential music experiences was when my cousin’s friend and I hitched a ride down the coast to hear a band record in LA. For a full week we were in the studio listening to the recording process and sang backgrounds on a few of the tracks. After that I never heard music the same way. My dream was to become a sound engineer. Unfortunately my dream soon died after a college professor assured me that since I didn’t know how to read music or play a ‘real instrument’, that it was too late for me to consider a serious music career. I cried for weeks.
In 1989 I joined WCS – West Coast Songwriters, and began learning actual skills of songwriting and the business of music. Friends I met in WCS were pitching songs to Nashville and getting cuts with John Michael Montgomery, Tim McGraw, Bonnie Raitt, Reba, etc. I began listening to country radio just to hear songs played on the radio written by friends and songwriters I knew. After hearing success stories of friends, my own songwriting and performance skills began opening up. Later I moved to the California Central Valley and founded CCSA, Central California Songwriters Association. I also became involved with the Nashville music scene and was the NSAI Fresno Chapter Co-ordinator, (Nashville Songwriters Association Annette AshInternational.)
Since that time I’ve studied with Grammy Songwriters and artists from LA to New York and have been priviledged to share the stage with musicians from all over the world. Last year, 2013, I performed in Muenster, Germany and surrounding area with some of Germany’s finest musicians. I look forward to performing again with ‘The Jägermeisters’ in their 2014 U.S. Oktoberfest West Coast Tour. I am grateful to have a band with some of the California’s finest musicians – grammy nominated guitarist Andre Bush, renown bassist Adan Infante and South American percussionist John Martin. One of my greatest joys is performing and sharing the stage with my daughter, Aria.

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