Andrea Kristina

Andrea KristinaAndrea Kristina
Andrea K. the owner of GlammedUP, is the main makeup artist. She is a professionally trained freelance make-up artist. Andrea has been trained in all types of make-up applications, from on-camera to in-person. She uses the highest quality HD make-up available. Every client is worth the best, Which is why she uses a combination of High end products. Whether you are looking for a natural look or a dramatic one, she loves bringing out the beauty and confidence in every client & you can see through her pictures!
Vanessa yanai
(Lead Makeup artist / Assistant)
Vanessa Y. is a freelancer who was found through her work! She has been personally trained by Andrea in makeup & hair. She works very closly with GlammedUP as the main makeup artist and is the main assistant who shows up with Andrea. She a student and Fresno State dancer!

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