Blue Skies Trio

Blue Skies TrioGreg Ennis
(Piano and Keyboards)
Coming out of the San Francisco area scene, where he played, composed, and arranged for the seminal jazz group Molto Boppo, Greg is now based in Mariposa, CA. He weaves into his jazz playing extensive experience with various genres including classical piano, 60’s R+B (with the Bay Area band Midnight Hour), and Latin styles (with the Central California group Montage). Greg was recently a 2014-15 “Artist in Residence” for the Mariposa County Arts Council and the Mariposa County School District, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Greg’s website can be found at
Kevin McHatten
Kevin has been a professional drummer/ percussionist for nearly three decades and has performed with over fifty groups in the U.S.A., Japan, and Australia. A versatile performer and recording artist, Kevin has played a wide range of musical genres rangingBlue Skies Trio from Americana (“The Roger Perry Band”, Fresno, CA), to Swing/Jazz (“The Viper Six”, San Luis Obispo, CA.), to Dixieland and Boogie Woogie (“Jambalaya Skillet”, Hanford, CA.). Perhaps best known for his extensive experience as a blues drummer, Kevin was honored to have performed with the legendary Bo Diddley. Currently based in Mariposa, CA., Kevin is also a photographer and a writer. His plays have been staged at various theaters in California and New York.
Nye Morton
(Acoustic Bass)
Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Nye was exposed to classical music at an early age and played piano and ‘cello, but by high school had lost interest in both. After several false starts he eventually settled on a music major at the University of California, graduated with a B.A., and moved to Los Angeles, where he found employment in music recording. Exposure to other types of music and an entirely different sort of “serious” musician eventually inspired him to get back into playing, this time with the double Eureka House of Metalbass.
After more than 20 years as an engineer in various Hollywood studios, doing records, film and television scoring, and post-production mixing, Nye moved to the Central Valley. He is still involved in both recording and sound reinforcement as an engineer and producer, and teaches audio engineering and ear training at Fresno City College. However, these days he plays as much as he can mostly jazz and is hardly ever cranky.

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