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Drawing from American folk, country blues, swing and traditional music from around the globe, Victor plays Americana grooves that kids and adults can enjoy together. Raised by folk and blues revivalists of the 60’s, Victor grew up listening to the music of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Mississippi John Hurt and Rev. Gary Davis. “Our home was a music scene… all kinds of people would come over and make music in our living room. The music would go late into the night. I would sneak out of my room, make a bed in the hallway and listen to the music coming through the heating vent like radio. My shows are like it was when I was a kid. People getting together having fun making music, singing along, dancing or just enjoying being in the middle of it all.”
In 2003 Victor started focusing on kids music that didn’t drive parents crazy. He soon became a leading kids artist in the U.S. with a growing international reputation for making great kids music. His music has appeared on national television, NPR, Nick Jr and Parenting magazines as well as commercials in the U.S. and Europe. He’s received several awards including 3 Parents’ Choice Silver Awards. Victor appears on several music compilations including 4 Putumayo Kids’ releases alongside artists Leon Redbone, Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Bibb, Seamus Eagan, Keola Beamer, Riders in the Sky and Jake Shimabukuro.
Inspired to help kids and teachers, Victor began creating educational songs in 2010. “Music is a powerful way to learn, retain and recall information.” Simple and catchy, Victor believes people learn best when having fun. The VJ style seems to be a blend of Schoolhouse rock, Mr. Rodgers and Shel Silverstein.
Victor was featured as an example of “lifestyle design” in the WSJ best-selling book The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and a proofreader for Derek Sivers bestselling business book Anything You Want. Victor enjoys helping people plot a course to being able to live more freely, creatively and authentically. From 2006-2014 he was staff/faculty at the Americana Songwriting camp in Sisters Oregon (affectionately called food camp) and unofficially advises for the Sisters Folk Festival. Victor also gives talks and workshops on ways to apply music concepts to improve everyday life, business and relationships to groups and individuals.

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