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Torrey NewhartTorrey Newhart is a jazz keyboardist from Bend, Oregon. Newhart began his career in music at age 15, performing gigs at local venues and stages including Bebop Biscotti Coffee House, where he got his start performing regularly in front of live audiences. In 2014, he graduated from the University of Oregon with a Masters Degree in Music and was awarded “Most Outstanding Performer In Jazz Studies” the same year. Newhart performs well over 125 shows, annually, in many configurations. He has recorded and released records with Tony Glausi, Joshua Hettwer, Jack Radsliff, Jessika Smith, Michael Radliff, Inner Limits, Paul Krueger, The Long Shots and Kevin McDonald in addition to his own albums Obsidian Animals / Sound In-Sight (2016) and Marmara (2013).
During his time at the University, Newhart was honored to have his arrangements performed by the Oregon Jazz Ensemble with special guest artists Seamus Blake, Dan Tepfer, Jorge Roeder and Ted Poor and to perform alongside guest artists Dan Balmer, Steve Wilson, Mel Brown, Donny McCaslin, Mark Ferber, Alan Ferber, Ingrid Jensen and Seamus Blake. TTorrey Newhartorrey has been the music director for several musicals including “Cabaret” and “A Christmas Carol”. Newhart has performed in “They’re Playing Our Song”, “Hair”, “Grease”, “Bat Boy” and most recently in the off-Broadway production of “Beautiful” the Carole King Story in 2017. Newhart has had the great privilege to perform with artists Josh Deutsch, Walter Smith III, Dmitri Matheny, Kyle Sanna, Nick Hampton, Dan Aran, Peter Brendler, Hashem Assadullahi, Joe Manis, Todd Sickafoose, Paul Krueger, Steve Owen, Ryan Biesack, Jesse Cloninger, Dan Meinhardt, Mike Denny, Jared Henderson, Brian Hamada, Idit Shner, and Carl Woideck.
In addition to his performing career, Newhart teaches two general music courses and leads two choirs at a local charter high school called the Academy of Arts and Academics (A3) and is an adjunct instructor of jazz at the University of Oregon. He also teaches a dozen weekly private students. Newhart believes that a vibrant jazz scene is possible everywhere and volunteers his time as a board member of the Willamette Jazz Society. Torrey NewhartIn 2016, he launched the Sunday Learners Jam, a program designed to educate musicians of all ages and abilities with rotating weekly hosts. Newhart serves as the organization’s grant writer and is a strong advocate on issues of booking and musician compensation at a venue the society operates called the Jazz Station. He believes that music has the potential and power to remove people from themselves and take a step back from everyday issues in life, allowing one to reflect on and experience the manifold of human emotions.

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