Teal N Buehler

Teal N BuehlerI grew up a child of artist parents in Trinidad California, a small town known for its rain, fog, and coastal scenery. I spent most of my time outside at the beach, rivers, and in the woods which created a strong connection to nature. I studied drawing, painting, collage and ceramics; graduating from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s degree in art. Seeking more sun I moved to Central Oregon. Bend provided a naturalTeal N Buehler beauty that continued to provide inspiration. Another change of scenery from the Mojave Desert to Chico California is the latest chapter in a collection of experiences for the development of my work. In my studio I can call on past and current experiences, visions and illustrations to create these unique impressions of the natural world. My physical journeys are reflected in my designs and I am intrigued to follow this path and see where it takes my art. I will keep exploring the outdoors to develop this vision of the natural world as I see it.

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