Stevi Sayler

Things you absolutely must know about me, I have my little tribe of people starting with my husband, our pets, both our families and some incredible friends. I love them with all my heart and strive every day to make them happy. If you hire me to be your photographer, you aren’t just a client you are in the tribe. I will share everything with you, my honest opinions, my sometimes wild ideas and any and all wedding/shoot knowledge I’ve got! I’ve photographed 70+ weddings and even more various shoots, I’ve got some stories to tell, some well earned tips and tricks to share and a handy kit of just about anything you might need in the middle of a shoot or wedding. I won’t be just your photographer, I will be your friend, your helper and your hype man throughout any shoot! Outside of photography, I am a dog lover through and through. I have a golden retriever named Happy who will probably have his own about me page on my website soon, he’s that great. If given the opportunity I would take him everywhere, on every trail, into every home depot and on every shoot! Having him has increased my passion in photographing and documenting people’s relationships with their pets as well as helping pets in need whenever I can.Additionally, I am someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I’ve found a lot of time can be wasted worrying about what others think or trying to be someone you aren’t. I’m goofy, relaxed, likely too lazy to wear any makeup and constantly on the search for a pair of sweatpants that look nice enough to replace all my other pants.

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