Shireen Amini

Shireen AminiShireen Amini was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican mother and Iranian father. At age 3, her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up. Shireen began training on piano at age 6, taught herself guitar and began singing and producing her own recordings in high school. She learned to use music as a deeply therapeutic means of self-expression and always had a gift for writing songs and facilitating bonding experiences with her family, sports teams, and later on her students and larger community. Shireen graduated from UCLA in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnomusicology. She specialized in Afro-Latin percussion, particularly the Afro-Peruvian cajon. After college, on a whim, Shireen decided to move to Central Oregon, which marked the beginning of a golden era of personal and career growth. In 2007, she released her first EP entitled Turnaround, a mix of original soul, funk, Latin and pop songs, referencing the “bouncing back” from a challenging emotional period in her life.
For eight years, Shireen served the Central Oregon community as a performer and music teacher. She developed two successful youth music programs based on principles of empowerment, a choir called the Peace Chords and a drumming program called Roots Rhythm. She studied drumShireen Amini circle facilitation with Arthur Hull and fed this into her work with youth and women’s drumming groups. She tapped into a rich musical community, particularly connected with the Sisters Folk Festival, from which she learned much more about the craft of songwriting. Shireen performed her own original music as a solo act and with the Shireen Amini Band. She also supported various Central Oregon acts as a backup singer and percussionist. Concurrently, she began her personal healing journey, which lead her to training in compassionate communication, energy healing, ritual and grief work. In 2013, Shireen was asked to put together a band for a Cinco de Mayo event that did songs mostly in Spanish. In that moment, Shireen formed what became the successful Bend-based Latin dance rock band, ¡Chiringa!.
She decided to go back to school in 2015 and completed her certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing at CIIS in San Francisco. This program reinvigorated her belief in the healing power of music and opened up a world of possibilities for combining her previous experience as a musician and passion for healing. Thus, Shireen Amini Music Medicine was born. During her time at CIIS, she was exposed to a form of community singing called Circlesinging that had been brought forth by Bobby McFerrin. She was fortunate to take a training from one of McFerrin’s protegés, David Worm, and when she returned to Bend, started offering Circlesinging to her community. In 2017, ¡Chiringa! released it’s first full-length album called “Familia.” This band continues to perform locally and regionally in service of the beautiful and lively Latin culture and its people.
Recently, Shireen has really been really rooting in the spiritual core of Shireen Aminirecovery work and nature / soul healing work. She has found herself strongly aligning with the philosophical underpinnings of the field of Ecopsychology, one that finds our ecology and personal psychology deeply interconnected. Her focus has become clear and has been coming into fruition through a concept of songwriting and performance that is in service of our planet and is infused with community elements. More specifically, this vision has manifest through the project called JoyRoot. In October 2018, Shireen put out a single and music video of her original song “Skeleton in the Closet” with this project. It is most indicative of what is to come. Shireen continues to offer community singing and sound healing events and more music medicine offerings and recorded projects are in the works! The story will continue to unfold…

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