Roka Walsh

Roka WalshRoka Walsh has been carrying her camera around Oregon for many years. Her initial interest in photography was in capturing people but after visiting New Zealand and witnessing the profound beauty there, she found her interest shifted to shooting nature. From there she began to focus almost entirely on capturing the alluring beauty of Oregon’s botanical delights. Roka is “drawn to the fleeting and fragile nature of flowers”, believing that their ephemeral nature may serve as a “symbolic expression of our own inherent transience”. As a long-time graphic artist and illustrator, Roka was heavily armed with deep skills in Photoshop. It was several years into her photographic play that she blended the two mediums and before long she was creating mixed media photographic art, digitally layering her photographs with other photographic and handmade elements.
At the urging of friends, she began exhibiting her work in the Pacific Northwest in 2010. Her piece, Love’s Tangle, was accepted into the prestigious Eugene Mayors Art Show inRoka Walsh 2011 and she was awarded a cash prize in the PhotoZone Juried Show in 2012 with her montage, Counting Crows. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries and venues, including the David Joyce Gallery at Lane Community College, Oregon Arts Alliance in Eugene, Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon, the University of Washington Miller (Botanical) Library, and Sacred Heart Medical Centers in Eugene and Springfield—exhibiting the healing power of art. Check here often, as her work continues to evolve and shift. Roka lives in Springfield, Oregon with her partner, Steve, and their rescued canine unit, Lady.
It is the ephemeral quality of nature that inspires me to photograph its bounty. As a mixed media photographic artist, I love capturing a botanical beauty or bird perched in a tree, and blending that image with other organic elements, paintings, handmade papers, and digital effects. It is in those moments of connecting with and transforming the image, that I form an intimate connection to my art. I exert control through the Roka Walshphotographic process and in choosing what elements I will add to the image. It is when I am deep in the process of layering those facets, that my control diminishes and I allow the “magic” to take over. As the image develops, I am in control again and I add finishing touches. My work is a collaboration between the image and elements, technology, and me.

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