Mike Leckie

Mike LeckieInternationally-renown for sculptures that capture the subtle nuances of his subjects, Mike Leckie creates timeless pieces to enjoy for a lifetime. Remaining true to his love of the old masters, Mike creates quiet sculptures that gently capture the heart. One of Mike’s greatest honors is hearing about the long-term appreciation of his work, an appreciation that grows over time as people live with the work. The artist shapes bronze and hard stone into positions so natural they appear as a fluid moment of facial expression and body language. From the reticence of a shy maiden with downcast eyes and skewed shoulders toMike Leckie the soft smile of a young girl immersed in the world created by her book — each express shades of rich complexity and compassion for the model. Mike’s art can be found in private homes and public spaces honoring private citizens, international heroes, Olympians and hall of fame sports icons. Talk to Mike about creating an enduring, iconic portrait of your own hero. He will work with you to find the right scale and best materials. For more than 30 years, Mike has been a professional sculptor in both bronze and stone. His first figures and portrait sculptures were at the age of ten, carving from softer materials such as cork and balsa wood.

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