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Michael Stuart LeckieAward-winning sculptor, Mike Leckie, imports remarkable carving stones, from around the world, to his open air studio in the Oregon forest. Working in the classical figurative tradition, Leckie finds the inherent spirit in each stone and with tremendous respect for the natural material, he brings life to each piece. His finished works emerge from blocks of marble, alabaster, obsidian, chinese fluorite and jade.
Leckie’s timeless sculpture blends ancient classical style with modern themes to create delicately detailed and emotionally expressive figures. He has also attained an international reputation for his work with : Bronze Portraits, Hydrostone Bas Relief Sculpture, and Cast Iron and Cast Glass vessels. Having carved his first figures andMichael Stuart Leckieportraits in softer materials, cork and balsa wood, before age ten, Leckie was recognized early as an artist.
Carving marble professionally for more than 30 years, he is strongly connected to his medium. “Carvers all say marble is alive and it’s a joy to work with, almost asking – What would you like me to become” Leckie’s sculpture has been acquired by private collectors, major corporations, and prestigious universities. He is well recognized for his Bronze Portraits of important historical figures and his Bas Relief Portraits of the athletes in action at the United States of America Track and Field(USATF) 2008 and 2012 Olympic Trials.

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