Melissa Stickney

Melissa Stickneylife is about celebrating your quirks; you can bet your bottom dollar that- thats what i’m about. i get it, if you have never interacted in front of a camera-it can be pretty darn intimidating- thats where i come in. i want to make your experience enjoyable + put you at ease that you will be receiving images that feel like you. im going to say that again; images that feel like you. it’s so important to me that you look through photos that exemplify you. i want to come alongside you + document your life as it is, and draw out the joyMelissa Stickney within your relationship. I’m a newlywed, married to my best friend, I currently reside in Eugene, OR, some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken have been the blurry + imperfect ones, motion sickness is a real thing in my world x10, our dream of having a lil french bulldog puppy is in the works, I am drawn to light, motivated by kindness, and fueled by jesus, I’m currently 26 years old, I love to floss (is that weird?), my clients honestly feel like friends; which is the way I like it.

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