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Lori LeMasterLori was destined to be a singer, songwriter and performer from a very early age. She was born into a talented musical family and has explored a wide range of genres from country, soft rock, folk, Christian, easy listening, to blues. Lori proudly uses the stage name, LeMaster in honor of her Grandma Frances LeMaster who played banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and ukulele all of which Lori is skilled in. Pandora plays original songs written and sung by Lori LeMaster. Other listening avenues for her original songs are iTunes and Spotify.
A seasoned, bluesy sway sets the tone for every show and yet there is always an amazing variety of genres due toLori LeMaster Lori’s deep appreciation for the music she is rooted in. Local venues always welcome Lori’s smooth vocals and musical entertainment. Occasionally, Lori brings in a special music guest to add a dash of seasoning to her sets. Lori LeMaster is available for weddings, parties, house concerts, dinners, festivals, church events, fund raisers, business events etc.

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