Ketzia Schoneberg

Ketzia SchonebergKetzia Schoneberg is best known for her heightened palette and energetic brushwork in paintings exploring themes of the wild mammalian, the intersection between the domestic & the feral, and the complexity of familial intimacy. Her expressionist paintings straddle the figurative and abstract.
Born in Los Angeles, Ketzia grew up in SanKetzia Schoneberg Francisco in a decidedly bohemian home with two artist parents; well-known visual artists, composers, musicians and actors were frequent guests. Ketzia plays classical violin on occasion, and lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.
Her paintings employ acrylic, charcoal, pencil and pastel on canvas or board. The loose, impasto brushwork and accidental nature of dripping paint in her work reinforce the wild, earthy content of her subject matter.

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