Jimmy Haggard

Jimmy HaggardJimmy Haggard is an internationally acclaimed blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Loving all music, Jimmy’s music is a mashup of everything he has listened to and experienced in life. But his real love in music is electric blues. The Jimmy Haggard Band is a rock band that plays blues-rock, covers classic rock, and throws in a little rockin’ country. Jimmy has traveled around the United States’ West Coast and Midwest, lived in Los Angeles California for over 20 years, landed in Raleigh North Carolina for 10 years (where he started a recording and rehearsal studio that is still around) and finally settled in Eugene Oregon, playing in honky tonks, clubs, bars, roadhouses, grange halls, performance halls and festivals along the way. Jimmy has played in a few bands during his travels: In Transit, Dirt Road, Sweet Rat, Power, Dreamers, Mister B, Rush Street, Hot Bones, The BlueShades, Outlaw Shine and in his own music projects.
Jimmy is from the West Coast (Oregon). It started on a hot summer day, July 16 1954, when James Edward Haggard was born in Silverton Oregon. At a very young age he developed a love for guitar when his father played acoustic Hawaiian slack key guitarJimmy Haggard (Jimmy still has that guitar). Soon after that, he started singing with a church youth choir, and joined choir at school. Seeing his love for music and Jimmy’s natural ear, his mother sent him off to take piano lessons. At the age of 10, tragedy struck when his father died while Jimmy tried to resuscitate him. After that, Jimmy pretty much checked out of life, sleep walking through the next 20+ years. During that period, around the age of 15, he got his first guitar, a folk guitar. He learned his first song (Hush Little Baby) watching a folk guitar lesson on Public Television Perhaps the only thing that kept Jimmy grounded was music, singing and playing guitar.
The years passed, and passed and passed… you get the picture. While working in many jobs Jimmy always had a guitar around and played and played and played. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, Jimmy started to hook up with local musicians in the towns he lived in, joining bands, playing covers and writing original music. While he was at it, Jimmy attended night classes at community colleges, and eventually transferred to a Jimmy Haggardprivate university in Southern California, University of Redlands, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and graduated with honors: Summa Cum Laude. The college degree led to a career in business software. Regardless of what he was doing to earn a living, Jimmy always found like minded people and worked as a part-time musician. The idea of hanging out with friends, playing music, and coming home with more money than he had when the night started was always a big plus! Sounds Like: Jimmy Haggard, Luther Allison, Albert King, Otis Rush, Gary Clark Jr, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top

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